“Liberty provided 24/7 care, five days per week for over a year and a half. They provided my mother with companionship, respect, follow-through with medical advice, outings, running errands, as well as meals and house cleaning. Seemingly they were able to sense from the first day that my mother enjoyed her own time and respected that, while at the same time was always close enough to be there when she needed, wanted help, or conversation. This is not an easy task and yet Liberty accomplished this seamlessly.

Our caregiver Terri is bright, thoughtful, caring and loyal. When my mother was diagnosed with a fast growing cancer, Teri was there with us to meet with Hospice. She asked important questions and followed through with all instructions. I highly recommend Liberty In Home Care for any care giving position. Your family or facility can only benefit from their hard work and loyalty”.

Marcia Hammill


“Liberty In Home Care worked with me for about three months helping me take care of my terminally ill husband. I found them to be kind, caring and trustworthy, and willing to do far more than I asked. They were very patient and understanding of my husbands needs. I can recommend Liberty as a good Caregiver”.



“Thank you to Liberty In Home Care who gave John loving care to the very end, and even after death. They gave me love, support, and encouraged me to be strong. Manny is an extraordinary person with a huge heart that he shares with all. God Bless you our dear friend Manny”.


“I would like to thank my dear friends at Liberty for all of the support and love you have given me over the past years. You listened to me, even when I knew you didn’t understand. You allowed me to vent my true feeling with never a complaint. Thank You!”